Safety Matters.

To Us, To Your Business, To Our Community.

We exist to bring intentional safety programs to our partners.

ExergyPro specializes in Occupational Safety and Health in today’s ever-changing environments.  From manufacturing to commercial and residential construction our team has the experience and knowledge to set your workforce on a path of success in injury and illness prevention.

Our Process


Gather Data and Develop Reports that will serve as a foundation. Identify opportunities for improvement and document strengths of the organization.


Develop written plan for consistent and proper action to prevent workplace incidents, and conduct organizational education and training.


Audits and inspections to insure compliance, along with investigations into incidents to continue to improve the quality of the program and prevent future incidents.

Client Testimonials

"When we needed some additional health and safety support on one of our projects, we turned to the trusted experts at ExergyPro. I have worked with Jeff Clarkson on several occasions over the years. I respect and appreciate his knowledge, skills, and abilities.
ExergyPro provides us with detailed inspection reports. They do a fantastic job of communicating with corporate level management, and they have the field experience to communicate with the full variety of trades on the job site.
I specifically appreciate the coaching and interaction on the job sites, as they approach each situation with respect and work hard to gain trust and build relationships. ExergyPro does well to identify hazardous conditions and unsafe behaviors, addressing them in real-time, and communicating them appropriately.
ExergyPro is a comprehensive health and safety resource, willing to assist us with a variety of projects. They see the “big picture”, understand the construction industry, and continually work to provide value to our organization."
Hans Hinrichsen
PJ Hoerr
"ExergyPro has provided Edelman, Inc. with valued health and safety support, guidance, and training. Through a detailed hazard assessment, ExergyPro has supported us in the development and revision of our health and safety plans, policies, and procedures. As a growing mechanical contractor, Edelman, Inc. has greatly appreciated the expertise and guidance of the ExergyPro Team. The interaction between ExergyPro and our employees in the field, on the job-sites, and in our shops has helped us identify hazards and implement corrective actions and behaviors. Through the regular inspection process, we value the documented corrective actions and reinforcement of safe behaviors observed by ExergyPro. Our employees appreciate the time, attention to detail, professional approach, and extensive knowledge and expertise in the construction industry that is provided by ExergyPro. "
Kraig Edelman
Edelman Inc.
" ExergyPro is a highly valued resource for us at Getz Fire Equipment Company who has provided us with a thorough health & safety assessment of our operations, helping us identify hazards and opportunities for improvement. With the support of ExergyPro, we completed a revision of our health and safety policies & procedures, developed training modules for our online training platform, and established a functional safety committee. ExergyPro has facilitated our safety committee meetings and provided great insight as we address health and safety issues within our organization. As an industry leader in the fire equipment business, we have a very diverse group of operating divisions. ExergyPro brings a high level of service-excellence, they are truly experts in health and safety and I would recommend them to anyone. "
Jason Getz
Getz Fire

Just a few of our satisfied clients